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Hi! I’m Stacey.

Welcome to my site. Thanks so much for visiting. I am originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but have been living in Los Angeles California for the last 6 years. My husband Dave and I are heading out for the next year on an adventure through Europe to explore, learn, create and contribute. 

I have a passion for learning new things, exploring, and meeting new people. We’ve decided to spend a month in each location so we can get a real feel for local life, rather than just spending a day or two in more locations. 

I was working at my passion of acting in LA full time for the last 5 years but I needed inspiration. 

I am so fortunate because Dave works from home as a computer programmer, which is allowing us to take this year to explore and find that inspiration. I know everyone doesn’t get the same opportunities, and I am so grateful for mine. I’d love to share them with you, and show you the things you’d like to see.

Whether we’re friends and you are checking in to keep up with our travels, or we’ve never met, I’ll be documenting my adventure, and I am open to your requests. If you would like photos, or video of something in particular head over to the contact/request page and drop me a line.

Check back for regular updates. 

All the best.

Stacey (&Dave)

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