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  • Stacey Shevlin

3 Hours in Oslo – You CAN leave the airport on a layover

Oslo Norway

Oslo Layover? Head to Town!

We were only in Oslo for 3 short hours but it was great!

 I highly recommend getting out of the airport and venturing into town if you have a layover. Our layover was supposed to be 7 hours, it was cut to 6 due to a delay in departure. That was plenty of time to get a sense of how great the city is.

 After departing your plane, and passing through passport check head to baggage claim, walk on through, since your luggage will be traveling through to your final destination. We went right out through ‘nothing to declare’. Hang a right and head to the end of the airport -look for signs for the train station. You have two options, NSB or flytoget -the express train. Fares one way on the NSB are 90 NOK – or about $10 per person, compared to double that 180 NOK per person about $20 on flytoget.

No need to plan ahead, there are ticket kiosks at the entrance. The difference is 5 minutes travel time- we opted for the NSB. I could see taking the flytoget if you were running late to get back to the airport as they run more often, but we didn’t need to do that.

 In 25 minutes yr right in the center of town.

You can definitely cover a bit of ground on foot, as we did. With only 3 hours, we didn’t have time to hit any museums but we did grab a great coffee, a Prosecco and some Gose at an amazing underground beer bar, Schous Kjelleren, located at  Trondheimsveien 2, 0560 , is a 20-minute walk from the station.

Definitely worth the trip. You enter through a single door in a small building in a parking lot, go down two flights of steps and find yourself in a wonderful little cave. Full brick arched ceilings, ample leather booths, candlelight and copper casks, it was really special- I highly recommend stopping in. We had a flight of three different Gose they had on tap, that alone makes the trip worthwhile.

Oslo Layover Fun

Schous Kjelleren Beer Hall


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