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  • Stacey Shevlin

Al Timon – Happy Hour With Locals In Venice

Al Timon Restaurant Venice

Al Timon – Happy Hour Venice

I had read about Al Timon on a blog of things to do ‘off the beaten track’  in Venice. It’s located in Cannaregio, on the north side of the island.

We decided to take a walk up to this area to explore. As you walk away from San Marco, slowly but surely the crowds begin to thin out. By the time we got up to this little nook, we had plenty of room to walk the windy streets.

We stopped here for a happy hour drink and some chiccheti: the Venetian tapas (pictured below). We had so many different varieties it’s hard to recall. Prosciutto and sharp cheese, ricotta and sun-dried tomato, ham and pickle, sardine – all on a perfect slice of baguette. Perfect snacks for popping with your local wine.

Sitting along the canal seriously can’t be beaten. They have a few tables set up right along the canal, but you can also sit on the restaurants’ boat that they have moored right there, it’s a pretty great time.

It was great fun to watch the boats come by, people using the canals to get all over the island…just capturing life in Venice.

To visit their site click HERE

Al Timon Restaurant Venice


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