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  • Stacey Shevlin

Aquaworld Budapest : (It’s A Real Place)

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Aquaworld Hungary

Aquaworld Budapest

On a sweltering July day, Dave and I decided we couldn’t stand the heat of the city and did some research on baths and aqua parks in and around Budapest.  We knew there we several places to swim on Margaret Island, but assumed every other Hungarian felt the same way we did about the heat, and that it would be swarming with people.

Dave dug a bit deeper and stumbled upon Aquaworld. Aquaworld is located about an hour bus ride outside of the center city of Budapest. We discovered we had two options to get there. Get to hero square, where a complimentary shuttle bus from the resort would make pickups and drop offs several times during the day, or take the public buses. We opted for the public buses due to timing. The ride was very smooth and fairly quick. Bus 30 runs from Budapest Keleti station to Aquaworld.

We arrived at the resort and marched up to its glimmering gates only to find a sign that said – Full to capacity. There was a large line of people waiting despite the sign, hoping someone would leave and clear a space for them. Well, we were in no mood for a giant line, luckily we had a hit of inspiration, why not go see if getting a room at the hotel comes with admission to the aqua park.

We found the reception desk and asked if there were any rooms and if there where would we be able to skip the line at the water park.

At first, the receptionist said we are fully booked. With sadness in our hearts and sweat dripping from our brows, we turned to leave. Just then she said, wait one moment, let me check. Alas, a room was available! And it did indeed let us skip the line for the pools! It wasn’t really in our budget or our plans to spend the night at a hotel, but sometimes you just have to go where the wind and water take you.

Our room was simple and elegant, overlooking all of the pools. We were given watches to wear for the duration that acted as our room key, access to the pools, and our credit card- brilliant.

We got changed and hit the pools. I have never been to a water park resort before, and I gotta say it was pretty amazing.

There are many different pools, at different temperatures. Several bars and restaurants and best of all WATER SLIDES. These waterslides were really great. I haven’t been on a water slide since I was a kid, but these were better than any I can remember. We spent the day sliding and sunning and swimming. It was marvelous. Highly recommend it.

The icing on the cake, they have a great restaurant inside the hotel. There are two options 1- buffet  2- Colorado Restaurant. We choose to avoid the buffet and more lines and we were thrilled with our choice. The food was amazing. Head Here to read the post on the meal.

Happy Sliding my friends.

Check their website out HERE 

Aquaworld Hungary
Aquaworld Hungary
Aquaworld Hungary
Aquaworld Hungary
Aquaworld Hungary
Aquaworld Hungary


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