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  • Stacey Shevlin

Concertgebouw – Amsterdam Orchestra

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Concertgebouw Amsterdam

Get yourself to the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

We almost didn’t go, that would have been a shame. I was under the impression that we couldn’t afford to visit this beautiful venue. A friend told us that you can go online and grab some 30 Euro tickets, so we did.  There is an option to choose your seats or have the venue choose for you. CHOOSE for yourself. I let the venue choose and as you can see from the photo we were up in the clouds. We were in fact in the very last row, behind the orchestra. We literally had the worst seats in the house, and we still loved it.

Beautiful music in a beautiful building

The building is something to behold,  beautiful and lofty, and just being there brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes I can be a sap.

One thing about the seats we had was that the conductor and soloist walked in and out up those steps (pictured above) right next to us.

The music was magical. They played for about 40 minutes, then there is an intermission, with complimentary beverages! What a surprise that was, it felt very special. Then they return for a second set.

Free concert series

Sadly for me, but luckily for you, at the end of our trip, I heard about a series they host. Every Wednesday at 12:30 in the afternoon there is a free concert. You can check it out HERE

You can visit their website and buy tickets  HERE.


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