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  • Stacey Shevlin

Dubrovnik Tech Tips

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Pokemon Aerodactyl


We both have our smartphones that we brought from the states. We were with AT&T, and we owned the phones outright, so we went to their unlocking site, You can find it HERE.

So far, Croatia is the easiest place to get a SIM card for travelers. There are a few carriers, and you can grab a card at any newsstand, or post office. I went with T-Mobile. I went to the post office so I could use my credit card. 85 Kuna or 11 Euro is the cost for 7 days. Unlimited Data . You can also opt for calling packages pretty easily. The instructions on the packaging are in English and a number of other languages as well. I haven’t done it yet, but you can go to their website, and re-up each week, I’ll report back when I have done that and let you know how it goes. No paperwork to sign, no ID required, no deposit for the card, just grab and go. AMAZING.

Once you're set up you can get back to playing Pokemon and catch newbies.


Oh, happy day! Coming from Berlin last month where wifi isn’t very readily available Dubrovnik is a dream. Our apartment has good wifi, the two bars across the street have wifi. Most of the hotels along the beach have open networks. It’s wonderful. I had done some research before arriving and I can confirm the reports.. Dubrovnik is great for wifi.


With the use of a converter most electronics work just fine in Croatia.

Computers have no issue, phone charging has gone smoothly. I have been carrying around my converters, but I am sure you can get universal plugs here in the shops.


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