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  • Stacey Shevlin

Far Out Beach Club In Zandvoort

Far Out Beach Club in Zandvoort

Far Out Beach Club

Beach club in Amsterdam? 

Far Out Beach Club in Zandvoort: Super awesome beach club just outside of Amsterdam. Many many moons ago I spent a semester abroad in Holland. I went to Hogeschool in Haarlem, and our student housing was 2 blocks from the beach in…. yup Zandvoort. I haven’t been back since and couldn’t wait to check out the town.

Blog post on that to come. So many things have changed, and this is one of them. The beach in Zandvoort is great, it’s very large and flat, and the water stays shallow pretty far out so it’s nice to wade into the sea.

The beach is lined with tons and tons of beach clubs. This was not the case back when I was last here. There was the lone cart selling herring and a few shacks. It’s pretty amazing I must say. It really feels like a destination. There are tons of tourists and local people from all over Holland vacationing here.

Getting to Zandvoort

There is a train right out of Amsterdam Centraal that will get you to Zandvoort in about a half an hour. We had heard that when there is even one ray of sun everyone in Holland comes outside to enjoy it, and that was certainly the case today. The sun was shining and we found this great place to enjoy it. The decor and ambiance were adorable, and the food was great! If it’s packed just venture down the beach and you’ll find at least a dozen other options.

Far Out Beach Club
Far Out Beach Club
Far Out Beach Club
Far Out Beach Club

Get the pulled pork

Above you can see the pulled pork sandwich- highly recommended. We washed it down with some local beer and enjoyed the day. If you have a day I say take the train and spend it at the beach.

You can check out their website HERE. Happy Eating & Drinking.


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