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  • Stacey Shevlin

Getting Around Dubrovnik

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Libertas Bus Dubrovnik

Small Town: Getting Around Dubrovnik

Sometimes it’s refreshing to leave a big complicated city, and get yourself to a beach town. Coming from Berlin to Dubrovnik is like night and day, in pretty much every respect.

Transportation is no exception. There are no trains or subways here in Dubrovnik. The community relies on buses to get where they are going unless they have a car that is. We do not have a car, so it’s busses and walking for us.

Using the Bus

When you get out of the baggage claim at the airport, directly to your left you will see a transport window and a currency exchange. You can grab a bus ticket to the Old City, and from there take whatever local bus gets you closest to your apartment or hotel, feel free to ask the driver he’ll have an idea. The Bus is 40 Kuna one way, and it only makes two stops, Pile Gate and the Central Bus Terminal. After you get your ticket (and exchange your money for Kuna) exit the airport, you’ll cross the drive, and the bus will be waiting there on your left you can’t miss it.

You Can Walk Everywhere

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, the best way to discover a new city/town is on foot. Dubrovnik is no exception. We are staying at a great apartment about a block from the beach in Lapad. There’s a promenade at the end of the road that spans from the sea for about 6 blocks, full of shops and restaurants. If you continue to the right with the sea on your left-hand side you will meet a path that takes you up the rocky winding coastline. In about 5 minutes you’ll encounter More Hotel, which has the famous Cave Bar located at sea level. It’s pretty amazing – you can order a beer and sit outside on the deck under an umbrella and jump off into the sea. Or you can enter the cave. It’s amazing on a really hot day. We were speaking to a local man and he told us that no one knew the cave was there until the hotel bought the land, and started building. They decided to incorporate the cave into the establishment. It’s pretty amazing, they did a great job. Several levels of small mezzanines to sit, as well as a room with a circular high top table and a glass floor.  If you keep following the footpath, you’ll find several hotels, with great bars and restaurants overlooking the amazing bay.

Venture Out of Town

I have been walking to Gruz, a port on the other side of the peninsula, to go to the fresh fish market in the morning. There is also a large green market right next store, it’s kind of a dream. It’s about 20 minutes each way, 4 Kilometers total. It is a bit hilly here, so it’s a good workout.

Like I said, if you aren’t in the mood to walk or are on a schedule, the busses are great.

From Lapad, the 4 takes you to the Old City, right by Pile Gate. The 7 takes you to Gruz and lets you off right at the market. There are several other busses that crisscross the area, but I have yet to take them. I’ll add to this post when I do. 

I have seen that you can rent a scooter, we’ll definitely be doing that, and I’ll be back to report.


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