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  • Stacey Shevlin

Lake Balaton – Hungary – Beautiful Place If You Can Get There

Lake Balaton Hungary

Lake Balaton located HERE is a strange and lovely place.

Hungary is landlocked, so people refer to Lake Balaton as the Sea. This giant lake is said to be about 2 hours from Budapest. Dave and I grabbed a 10 am train to the lake in hopes of sitting by the water for lunch. Well as fate would have it, our train left late, and then broke down. We sat with everyone else on the still train for 2 hours, no word from the conductor at all. Unlike our fellow passengers, we neglected to bring wine/beer and food.

I sat on that train alternating from starving to angry to panicked to just plain sad. But….we finally arrived and the view was wow.

Lake Balaton Hungary

Sailboats dotted all along the enormous body of water. It was a beautiful day, perfect to go out on the water, sadly by the time we arrived that was not in the cards for us. We wandered the town, visited the marina and had some food, and stopped into a tasting room from a local vineyard.

From far away in the photos above the water looks a medium blue, because of the depth, but up close it’s a murky milky light blue.. reminiscent of the blue lagoon in Iceland, or something from Stranger Things.

I do wish we had more time to explore, to visit some of the amazing wineries in the region and to sail on the lake… another reason to return to Budapest.

Happy Sailing.

Lake Balaton Hungary


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