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  • Stacey Shevlin

Lapad Shopping Tips

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Gruz Green Market Lapad Bay

Gruz Market

Shopping in Dubrovnik hasn’t been that much of a chore. We stayed in Lapad which is outside of the gated walls of Dubrovnik. Included below are a list of Lapad Shopping Tips. Places like the Gruz market (pictured above) make things a lot more fun and a lot easier. Here’s a quick list of where to purchase the things you need.


By far the best food shopping in Dubrovnik is in Gruz. There you will find a fresh fish market right next to an open-air green market. Click HERE for more in-depth information and location.

The fish market sells fish caught that morning. The mongers will weigh, gut and scale the fish for you. I have heard some locals say it’s expensive but by my standards, it’s very affordable. I haven’t managed to get over to Gruz before 10am, so I am not the best to speak to selection… but I can say that the fish I have purchased has been AMAZING> If you are staying in Old City or Lapad, you can take the 6 bus or the 7 bus to get there.

 As far as general groceries go, Tommy has the best selection – veggies, meat, dry goods, beer and wine. The largest one is at the end of Lapad farthest from the beach. There is also the Studenac chain. Much smaller and more limited than Tommy but in a pinch they are good.


There is a DM in the shopping center in Lapad. They have everything you would find at any American chain or Boots in London. Shampoo, toothpaste, cosmetics, the works… you’re covered.


There are no shortage of bakeries in Dubrovnik and Lapad. As I mentioned we stayed in Lapad by, and directly across the street there’s a bakery making pastries and fresh bread all day, it’s a dream. I have seen similar bakeries all over town.


If you forgot anything no worries. There are several little boutiques that have reasonably priced dresses, bathing suits, and shoes. There’s even a Benetton in the shopping center at the end of the promenade in Lapad. If you didn’t bring aqua shoes, you can buy them at any number of shops along the promenade in Lapad. You’ll also find snorkels, towels, sun lotion and any other number of outdoor needs


If you forgot any chords, memory cards etc, there is a shop for that as well. In the shopping center at the end of the Promenade in Lapad, you’ll find all you need. There is also a shop right next to the Pile gate outside of the Old City that sells these types of items, you can’t miss it, right next to the kiosk to buy bus tickets.


There is an adorable shop called Pomalo – right on the circle in Lapad, at the end of the promenade. They carry local olive oil, craft beer, wine, liquors and a handful of other things. It’s a great spot. If you are looking for items to keep at your accommodations or to bring home as a gift, this shop is definitely worth a stop. Photos Below.

Lapad Shopping Tips

Well, that about covers it.

Happy Shopping.


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