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  • Stacey Shevlin

Literaturhaus Cafe – Hamburg

Literaturhaus Hamburg

Visit Literaturhaus Cafe located on Alster Lake at Schwanenwik 38 • 22087 Hamburg.

On our 2nd day in Hamburg, we were walking around the lake and were in need of a good brunch. I turned to Yelp and they directed me to this spot. The place is beautiful: ornate vaulted ceilings, glimmering purple and white chandlers, and large windows that look out onto a densely wooded park.

We could not have asked for a more inviting spot for Sunday brunch.

We had Prosecco and little towers of breakfast treats. Croissants, seeded breads, goat cheese, brie, jams and honey. The menu seemed pretty varied, with the option for a shared table brunch for 4 or more people. We were seated next to two women in their 80’s who each ordered a glass of Prosecco and a beer, perhaps a good tip for longevity. They followed that up with a giant pot roast. They are doing it right.

Highly recommended if you find yourself in the neighborhood!

You can visit their website HERE

Literaturhaus Hamburg
Literaturhaus Hamburg
Literaturhaus Hamburg


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