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  • Stacey Shevlin

Must Visit Amsterdam Restaurants and Bars

Updated: Nov 9, 2021


  1. Omelegg – Great brunch spot

  2. G’s Place – Another great brunch spot

  3. Spaghetteria – Devour A Bowl Of Pasta In Amsterdam

  4. Rijsel – Rotisserie Chicken and More In Amsterdam

  5. Cannibale Royale – EAT HERE – Ribs and Sides In Amsterdam

  6. Mangiassai – Superb Pizza In East Amsterdam

  7. Far Out Beach Club – In Zandvoort


  1. Cafe De Spuyt – Best bar in Amsterdam!

  2. Bar Bukowski – Our Amsterdam Office

  3. De Ruyschkamer – Comfortable Hang Out Spot in Amsterdam


Leggo My Omlegg: Great Brunch Spot

Amsterdam Restaurants and Bars

If you like brunch like I do – I highly recommend this place! Had the best omelet of my life. I am generally not a lover of omelets – I feel like most of the time, there is too much thick eggy outside and not enough gooey yummy insides. Not the case at Omelegg. The omelet itself is quite thin and filled to the brim with your choice of goodies. I had the Chili Hernandez -home-made chili con carne & farmer cheese with a side of Creme Fraiche of course. They also do a freshly squeezed juice and a good cup of coffee… the only downside I can see is no mimosas 🙂

Visit their website HERE


“A Really Nice Place”: G’S

Amsterdam Restaurants and Bars

So… a really nice place is the tagline of this restaurant, I’d have to concur. They have a few brick and mortar locations and they operate on a boat as well. They only do brunch and they only do it Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and they are packed all three days all day.  If you ask me they know how to live.

G’s is a really great place to have Brunch. Bloody Marys, Mimosas, Boozy Milkshakes – not to mention the food. Chicken and waffles, omelets, Benes pancakes and more. But more than the food the ambiance is what I was really into. The menu is displayed old vinyl in the album cover, Comic book print tablecloths line the room, tattoo art hangs on the walls,  and hip-hop blasts on the Bose system. Sure a little kitschy but really well done and not in a jokey way either- I could certainly spend the day there. Happy Eating

Visit their website HERE


Devour A Bowl Of Pasta In Amsterdam @ Spaghetteria

Spaghetteria Pasta Bar Amsterdam

The menu is small which is so nice, a few great options to choose from, all of which were delicious. Affordable wine and beer are offered to accompany your meal, and If you want my suggestion after dinner get the boozy milkshake, you won’t regret it.

I didn’t get great photos so you can visit their website for more. Happy Eating.

Visit their website HERE


Rijsel – Seriously Special In Amsterdam

Rijsel Restaurant Amsterdam
Amsterdam Restaurants and Bars


Cannibale Royale: EAT HERE In Amsterdam


As the title of the blog suggests, I say EAT at this restaurant. It’s wonderful.

On the edge of De Pijp on Ruysdaelkade it sits next to a small canal.

The restaurant itself is cozy with eclectic decor.

The food is great. Some of the best ribs I’ve ever had, here or back in the States. Super tender meat, a slightly sweet and tangy sauce and the perfect amount of char- these guys know what they are doing. And the burger, best burger I’ve had since we arrived. Topped with tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles and crispy bacon – if you like meat this is the place for you. We also go mac & cheese, a baked potato and a grilled vegetable board so you veggies can find happiness here as well.

The portions are large, so share the plates and try different things. Good beer selection- and surprisingly good red wine to accompany your meat.

Happy Eating. Visit their site HERE


Mangiassai : Superb Pizza In East Amsterdam

Mangiassai Pizza Amsterdam

I don’t love pizza. There I said it, it’s out in the open, feel free to judge me.

We wandered into this cozy little spot one night on the way home from an epic Amsterdam walk.  It sits right next to the 3 tram, at Ruyschstraat HS 42

It was late, about 10:30 pm and they were still open so we went in for a bite. The space is so lovely, quite small perhaps 10 tables, and at the far end a beautifully tiled wood stove, with a copper vent.

I would never have ordered the pizza but Dave choose one and I prepared myself to be underwhelmed.

Wow was I wrong? This pizza was amazing.

In LA my favorite Italian restaurant is Factory Kitchen. They serve this pizza’esque dish called  Focaccina Calda Di Recco al Formaggio. It is the thinnest rolled dough you can possibly imagine. Inside this wonder is a thin layer of cheese and it is smothered with amazing red sauce.

The pizza at Mangiassai is a close second to this culinary masterpiece. The dough is thin, the sauce is perfect, the cheese is light and fresh.

I can’t wait to go back. Highly Recommend this little spot in the East. Happy Eating.

You can visit their website HERE


Far Out Beach Club: In Zandvoort


Far Out in Zandvoort: Super awesome beach club. Many many moons ago I spent a semester abroad in Holland. I went to Hogeschool in Haarlem, and our student housing was 2 blocks from the beach in…. yup Zandvoort.

I haven’t been back since and couldn’t wait to check out the town. Blog post on that to come. So many things have changed, and this is one of them. The beach in Zandvoort is great, it’s very large and flat, and the water stays shallow pretty far out so it’s nice to wade into the sea.

The beach is lined with tons and tons of beach clubs. This was not the case back when I was last here. There was the lone cart selling herring and a few shacks. It’s pretty amazing I must say. It really feels like a destination. There are tons of tourists and local people from all over Holland vacationing here.

This spot is really well decorated and is a super comfortable place to hang out while you take in the coastline.

There is a train right out of Amsterdam Centraal that will get you there in about a half an hour. We had heard that when there is even one ray of sun everyone in Holland comes outside to enjoy it, and that was certainly the case today. The sun was shining and we found this great place to enjoy it. The decor and ambiance was adorable, and the food was great!

AmsterdamRestaurants and Bars

Above you can see the pulled pork sandwich- highly recommended. We washed it down with some local beer and enjoyed the day. If you have a day I say take the train and spend it at the beach.

You can check out their website Here. Happy Eating & Drinking.


Amsterdam Bars

Favorite Amsterdam Bar: And The Winner Is… Cafe de Spuyt!

Amsterdam Restaurants and Bars

Ah, Cafe de Spuyt let me count the ways I love thee. There are so many beers here and so many sours it could keep a girl happy for ages.

The beer is just the icing on the cake- the staff is so friendly and helpful and fun to hang with. The music is always on point. This tiny dive bar is located at

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 86, 1017 RD – in between the hustle and bustle of  Leidseplein and the masses of Museumplein.

It's the perfect place to grab a quick local draft beer or spend the day tasting new and exciting bottled brews.

We actually found it by accident while waiting for L&B whiskey bar to open- we went to L&B for one then went back to Spuyt and we’ve been back several times since then. If you are in the neighborhood, or if you have to travel — definitely worth a visit or ten. Happy Drinking.

Visit their website HERE


Bar Bukowski- Our Amsterdam Office

Amsterdam Restaurants and Bars

Many thanks to the fine people at Bukowski- Dave and I have spent many a day working from this great spot right on the corner of Oosterpark.

You can’t find a better place to call Office than this. Great wifi, great coffee drinks and mint tea, fabulous baguette sandwiches and plenty of beer and cocktail options as well. This was actually the first place we found- day 1, and we’ve been going back ever since.

There are two main rooms, one they call Henry’s Bar and Bar Bukowski- both with ample seating and super friendly waitstaff. There are also big outdoor tables for warm sunny days. Highly recommended.

Happy Eating and Drinking. Visit their website HERE


De Ruyschkamer: Make Yourself At Home In Amsterdam

de Ruyschkamer Amsterdam

This little place became one of our locals. Right around the corner from our apartment, and right at the drop off of the 3 tram at Ruyschstraat 34 1091 CC Amsterdam.  I am not kidding when I say make yourself at home. The interior of this bar feels just like sitting in someone’s living room.

When you first enter there is a little sitting nest, full of pillows so you can get cozy and settle in for a long night of talk and drinks. The room is littered with comfy sofas and large chairs. There are plenty of board games to choose from if that’s your thing. With a good selection of beers and mixed drinks, you can’t go wrong.

They also have a small food menu, and get this—> super bonus, you can have the pizza from Mangiassi delivered right to your sofa.

You can visit their website HERE.  Happy Eating & Drinking.




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