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  • Stacey Shevlin

Must Visit Budapest Restaurants and Bars

Updated: May 12, 2023

Must Visit Budapest Restaurants and Bars

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  1. Mazel Tov – Best hummus in Budapest

  2. Vicky (Christina?) Barcelona – Great Spanish food

  3. Marvelosa – Wonderful chicken paprikash in Pest

  4. Ramenka – Best ramen in Budapest

  5. KönyvBár & Restaurant – Favorite restaurant Budapest

  6. Cirkusz – No clowns, bearded ladies or animal tricks – just good food

  7. Vintage Garden – Love is all you need – brunch In Budapest

  8. Colorado Restaurant – Great food in the Budapest burbs


  1. DOBLO Wine Bar – Adorable wine bar in Budapest

  2. For Sale Pub – Unfortunately Not For Sale

  3. Hopaholic – Best Beer Bar Budapest


Mazel Tov – Best Hummus in Budapest (and possibly anywhere)

Mazel Tov Restaurant Barcelona

Mazel Tov!

When we arrived in Budapest we got into our apartment a bit late, around 10 pm. We had previously been in Amsterdam the month before and when the same thing happened, we were stuck eating french fries at a mediocre bar. Well, in Budapest things are open late! We found this gem a block away from where we’re staying.

What a great space. From the outside, you’d never believe what you’re walking into. Through an unsuspecting and modest doorway, down a small alley, you’ll find this wonder.

Built in an old warehouse, they’ve really captured an outdoor vibe. The sides are open to the skies, and trailing vines line the entire upstairs. There is an area towards the back bar that is filled with small pebbles, and there is a huge tree planted there. Strings of white lights glow everywhere.

The mood is festive, and there is live music every night. The food was great. We had hummus with pita, Moroccan carrot salad and Israeli salad. Two large beers completed the meal. I would highly recommend a visit.

Happy Eating & Drinking

Visit their website Here


Vicky (Christina?) Barcelona – Great Spanish Food

Vicky Barcelona Restaurant

We’ve hit Budapest during thunderstorm season. It’s quite refreshing actually, I can’t complain. So far the days have been mostly sunny with the scattered full-on downpour. Yesterday we were out on the hunt for dinner.

We were rambling in the direction of the river when the rain started. We ducked down a side street that resembled an indoor/outdoor arcade of sorts. Mixed use space at it’s best. Apartments on the top floors and endless dining options on the first floor. There was live music in a square and people were just dancing… in the rain. We were waiting for the rain to die down when an adorable girl offered us a free cocktail. Yes please! Drink in hand, she convinced us to come into the restaurant she works in. Vicki Barcelona.

Turns out we were the first people she brought in, so as we entered we were greeted with a round of applause and were escorted to the bar. We ordered some delicious red wine and found that as a special, we were given complimentary paella. It was amazing. What a find. We had some olives and a delicious egg, goat cheese, ham and apple dish on toast. The rain stopped, and we continued on our walk to the river.

If you find yourself in the area, stop on in. Visit their Facebook page Here

Happy Eating & Drinking.


Marvelosa – Budapest – Fairytale Princess or Adorable Place To Eat?

Marvelosa Restaurant Budapest

Marvelosa! What an amazing name for an adorable little restaurant. Thought it sounds like a fairytale queen or an X men hero, it’s actually a tiny little eatery on the Buda side of town, very close to the entrance for the funicular.

Serving traditional Hungarian dishes and wine spritzers is their specialty. We took advantage of the outdoor seating and enjoyed the warm day.

The interior is just as adorable as the curb appeal. There are a few seats downstairs, and a few seats upstairs, making it a very cozy and intimate spot. We had a red wine, and a rose wine spritz and of course the Chicken Paprikash. I would recommend both. The food was served in the traditional way, the chicken: fall off the bone tender, and the tiny pasta dumplings al dente. There are a few restaurants on this block, and we checked them all out. The others were more modern in cuisine and pricing. If you are in the area give this spot a try.

Happy Eating & Drinking

You can visit their website Here


Ramenka – Slurp It Up, In Budapest, Yummm

Ramenka Restaurant Budapest

Right across from Sizimpla “the mother of ruin pubs”  is Ramenka.  If you are looking for Ramen in Budapest I highly recommend this place. The interior is very sparse and modern- all wood and metal. One long communal table sits in the middle of the room. There is also one sitting bar along the front windows. Small and cozy. Wooden blocks surround the tables rather than chairs.

You order at the counter from the very simple menu – 5 soup choices and a few side dishes- then grab a seat. The soup is served up in large bowls quite quickly. I was happy to see soy, and chili oil on the table – two necessities for me when having ramen. I ordered the ‘chikin’ and it was delicious- for a clear broth, it was quite hearty. The noodles cooked to perfection, 2 types of seaweed, a marinated egg, and veggies that were still crisp.

I even had enough to take home and have for lunch the next day. If you can’t finish your bowl either you can take it with you but you’ll have to pay for a container 250 HUF – definitely, worth it, you can’t leave that soup behind!

Happy Eating.

You can visit their website Here


KönyvBár & Restaurant – Books, Books, Books – Favorite Restaurant In Budapest

KönyvBár & Restaurant Budapest

What a great experience dining at this restaurant.  We happened upon this spot, walking around in our neighborhood on a steamy June evening. The doors were closed, that was a good sign, the sign of air conditioning. We popped in to check out the menu and immediately decided to stay.

As you can see from the photos, the restaurant’s walls are lined with many many books. It’s almost like having a meal in the special collection at the library. The vibe is very laid back and warm.  The standard menu is varied and interesting. We chatted with our waiter and discovered that the chef reads a new book every two weeks, and patterns the specials menu after the book. We happened in during the Bridget Jones Diary menu.

I just love this concept so much- it keeps things fresh and original. There was a blue soup on the menu and a takeaway Caesar salad. We loved it so much we went back a second time when we had a friend visiting from the states.

KönyvBár & Restaurant Budapest

KönyvBár & Restaurant Budapest
KönyvBár & Restaurant Budapest

We also had a spicy beef tenderloin salad, pictured above. It was lovely. Crisp and fresh, with Asian inspired tangy dressing.

We couldn’t miss the chicken paprikash. It’s become a favorite of mine, and I knew they would have something interesting to add to it. It was certainly different than your grandma’s paprikash. Instead of the little pasta dumplings, there was a delicate dill sour cream cake. The sauce was also more refined, a bit thinner and silkier than other’s that I’ve tried. And instead of a dollop of sour cream, you see above a light and airy whipped sour cream garnish.

KönyvBár & Restaurant Budapest

We accompanied these dishes with some lovely Hungarian wine and couldn’t have been happier.

I can’t recommend this spot enough. If you are in the neighborhood make it a point to have a meal here.

 Happy Eating.

 You can visit their website Here


Cirkusz  Restaurant – No Clowns, Bearded Ladies or Animal Tricks

Cirkusz Café Budapest

This is Cirkusz, Located at 1074 Budapest, Dob Street 25. It’s not a pop up tent with cruel animal tricks or bearded ladies. It’s a really cute restaurant/bar with great atmosphere and good food. Another good one from our neighborhood.

We went into this gem a few times during our stay, once for Brunch, and once to grab a beer and get some work done.

Brunch was great, they offer bloody Mary’s and mimosas, coffee and tea, and freshly squeezed juices. The hot item on the menu was the Benedict’s. Dave had the smoked salmon with spinach. It was light and lovely. I had the Turkish eggs– the real winner. Two poached eggs floating in a tart yogurt sauce drizzled with red pepper oil. Really really great.

Cirkusz Café Budapest

As you can see, they roast their own coffee, and I must say they make a really great cup. There is no shortage of coffee shops in Budapest, but an onsite roaster, come on– that’s worth a try.

Highly recommend this place to eat, drink or just pop your laptop up and get some work done on the high-speed wireless.

To visit their website click Here

Happy Eating & Drinking.


Vintage Garden – Love Is All You Need – Brunch In Budapest

Vintage Garden Budapest

On a sunny Budapest morning, we were wandering through the streets in search of brunch when we came upon this gem. Not sure where the name of this restaurant comes from. When I saw it from the street, with its very unsuspecting plain façade, I expected dark wood walls, armchairs, perhaps a chaise to sit on.

On the contrary. When you enter through the front door you are greeted with a colorful display of orchids, lilies and greenery. An array of colorful fruit displayed in glass jars sits atop the bar. The bar itself is plastered with postcards from Hawaii.

After walking through the front room, we entered a tropical courtyard. Fully equipped with a retractable awning and glimmering white lights. In the corner is a seating platform, with a single wicker chair, and a surrounding wall of orchids… truly beautiful. We took a seat at a two-top and perused the menu.


The menu had a good sampling of brunch standards, egg dishes, French toast, pancakes, yogurt and fruit. We ordered a coffee and a ginger lemonade, scrambled eggs and French toast, and sat back to enjoy the scenery. After just a few minutes, we both agreed that we really felt like we were having lunch at some tropical hotel restaurant. Our brunch arrived promptly.

It was delicious.

The eggs were soft scrambled with herbs. The French toast was unlike any I had ever tried before. It was a savory French toast, served with cheese and sour cream. Not being one for sweets this was perfect for me. The check arrived in a beautiful box with a postcard design, stamped from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, our hometown… it was the perfect end to a great experience.

All in all a very enjoyable experience. If you find yourself in Budapest and feel like escaping the hustle and bustle of gritty street life, pop in here and be transported to the tropics for a few hours.

You can visit their Facebook Page Here

Happy Eating & Drinking


Colorado Restaurant – Great Food in The Budapest Burbs

Colorado Étterem Budapest

I cannot even believe I am writing a post about a restaurant inside a hotel – at an aqua park. On a sweltering June day, Dave and I decided we couldn’t stand the heat of the city and we found ourselves at Aquaworld, Budapest.

Read all about it HERE

This unsuspecting restaurant lobby restaurant, attached to a buffet, an hour outside of Budapest center, was a wonder. And the closest thing to fine dining we came to in Budapest.

Above is the quinoa crusted chicken breast with lemon zest rice. Amazing. Never have I had such a tender, juicy, crunchy chicken dish.

Colorado Étterem Budapest

Above is the breaded flatfish, served over a sweet pea risotto, in a delicate lemon herb sauce, and fresh arugula.

Colorado Étterem Budapest

Wow, what they did with goat cheese. The dish above was so light and amazing. The cheese was whipped to a perfect light and creamy texture. Served with greens and fresh strawberries…yum.

The pork tenderloin served over mashed potatoes was so tender and herbed to perfection.

Colorado Étterem Budapest

Finally, for dessert, a light fruit mousse wrapped in a white chocolate shell, served with marinated cherries. Delicious.

Colorado Étterem Budapest

I would highly recommend giving this a try. Though I don’t know how many people get out to the old Aquaworld.

Happy Eating.

You can visit their website Here


Budapest Bars

DOBLO – Fabulous Wine Bar in Budapest

DOBLO Wine Bar Budapest

Doblo Wine Bar – it’s everything a wine bar should be.

When you enter the space from the street you instantly feel comfortable and warm. Dim amber lighting coming from the chandeliers above illuminates the brick-domed building. The vaulted ceilings give you the feeling that you are somewhere underground in a wine cave, but the large open windows create the feeling of a city loft building. I found this place when I was searching for a small bar with live music. Every night you’ll catch a new small act performing on a tiny stage in the front windows of the bar. They create the musical backdrop for the space.

The food menu is more of a snacks menu, cheeses and meats and some finger foods are your options here – so I would recommend you have dinner before popping in here. I would also recommend that you save some room because the snacks accompany the incredible wine quite well.

The bartenders are amazing, they helped us navigate the wine menu and allowed us to sample a few Hungarian wines before we made our choice. We chose the Cab Franc, which I was surprised to see, in my small wine knowledge I thought that wine was only produced in France. It was wonderful, so much so that I returned another day just to grab a quick glass of it.

We inquired about the wine and its origin and the bartender grabbed a map of the wine region and explained quite a bit to us.

Between the wonderful ambiance and the wonderful wine, I would say find your way to this spot and enjoy.

Happy Drinking. Visit their Facebook Here


For Sale Pub: Unfortunately Not For Sale

For Sale Pub Budapest

What a weird and wonderful spot. Located at 2 Vámház körútBudapest, 1093 Hungary right across the street from the Great Market Hall.  The Great Market Hall is very well known, as being one of the biggest indoor farmers markets in Budapest (More on this in the post on The Great Market Hall).

Directly across the road, you’ll find this little hole in the wall watering hole. I had read about the pub in my research on Budapest but had completely forgotten about it. On another one of my epic walks yesterday I decided to check out this market I had heard so much about. I plugged the market into my google maps and looked at my route. Low and behold, For Sale Pub popped up as well, so I thought I’d stop in and check it out.

Well, the photos I had seen were spot on. Every square inch of walls and ceiling space in the place is covered with slips of paper, business cards, photos – you name it. People leave their mark when they stop in at this place. Open love letters to Budapest, stories of first dates, honeymoons, babymoons, Birthdays and just average Tuesdays. It is cozy with low ceilings and straw-covered floors. I stopped in for one beer to grab some photos. While I was there I noticed peanuts in baskets at all of the tables. Patrons are encouraged to eat them and throw the shells on the floor. I have been to a few places that have that tradition in the states, but most of them are gone.

One added point of interest with the straw and peanut shells are the pigeons– it’s quite hard to keep them out when you are just luring them in. Each server took turns shushing the birds back out the open door they had just flown in through.

Despite the name, the pub isn’t for sale, so no need to inquire.

Happy Drinking.

They seem to have let their website address go, or perhaps never had one so I’ll link you to their Facebook page Here


Hopaholic – Best Beer Bar Budapest

Hopaholic Craft Beer Budapest

Hopaholic was my local for the duration of my month stay in Budapest. I couldn’t be happier that the location of my apartment put me 2 blocks from this wonderful place.

I love beer. I have worked in craft beer for years, so I know quite a bit about it and It makes me a bit picky sometimes. I knew Budapest had a growing beer culture but I wasn’t sure where to find it…. till I popped in here one day after a long long walk.  They have an amazing beer list. A rotating tap list from all over the world, and more bottles than you can count.

It’s a fun spot – the first floor has a small bar area and a few low tables. There is an alcove that hangs over the bar with several tables and sofas, and if you prefer you can head downstairs to find even more seating in a cool basement room.

I am so glad I found this spot, because I became friends with one of the bartenders, and through him met a few other friends. It’s safe to say I’ll miss this little bar and more than that my new friends.

Happy Drinking. Check them out of Facebook Here


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