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  • Stacey Shevlin

Best Stari Grad, Croatia - Restaurants and Bars

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Stari Grad, Restaurants

Jurin Podrum - Homemade Pasta and More

Kanoba Pharia – Great grilled dishes, great space

Bistro Kod Damira – Homestyle restaurant with outdoor seating in Stari Grad

Albatros - Coming soon

Antika - Coming soon

Ermitage - Coming soon

Nook - Coming soon

Stari Grad, Bars

Cocktail bar Lampedusa – Great Cocktails on the Water

Tiha Beach Bar - Coming soon

Tramonto - Best view of the sunset


Jurin Podrum - Homemade Pasta and More

Jurin Podrum Restaurant Stari Grad

On a little alley one block from the Riva you'll find Jurin Podrum. If you are worried about locating it, don't. You'll spot their sign on the main walkway by the water. This has become one of our favorite spots in town.

The specialty is the homemade pasta. It's lovely. They are using typical Croatian flavors to create delicious and delicate sauces for the pasta they serve. You can't go wrong with any of the options, from the pesto to the fruti de mare to the anchovy and red pepper. They've got some salads to accompany your pasta and if you are in for a large meal they have a selection of meat and seafood dishes as well.

Highly Recommended!


Kanoba Pharia – Stari Grad Restaurant

Konoba Pharia Stari Grad

Konoba Pharia – Stari Grad

What a wonderful experience we had at Kanoba Pharia!

Sadly I didn’t bring my camera along that night but I had to include it here because it was wonderful, and you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to have a meal here when you are in Stari Grad.

The restaurant looks quite small from the outside, but looks are deceiving. When you enter you are in a beautiful cozy courtyard. Up the stairs, there are two more levels of dining options. We sat on the top floor which is open to the outside, and covered by a very high roof. The ambiance is perfect – dim lighting and soft breezes flowing through the open room.

 The food was wonderful. Traditional local fare – fresh fish, grilled veggies and great house wines.


Bistro Kod Damira – Best Outdoor Seating Stari Grad

Bistro kod damira

Kod Damira

When you first enter the town of Stari Grad from the bus station, you'll walk down the main road to the first square on your left, and you'll find Kod Damira. It's the perfect spot to sit and have a meal or a beverage and take in the surroundings. Located right off of the bay there is always something to see.

There are a few popular drinks you'll run into in town --

First is a Gemišt, a word adapted from the German word which means mixed - it's a mix of white wine and sparkling mineral water. Super refreshing in the summer - highly recommended.

The second is a Bevanda - this time we're mixing red wine and still water. The Croatian wine tends to be pretty high in alcohol, so my best guess is that watering it town will allow you to sip all day while watching people pass by on the Riva. That brings us to the term Riva. The Riva is the promenade or path that follows the bay out to the sea. Here you'll find tons of great shops, restaurants, and bars to pop into during your stay.

If you are looking for a food recommendation why not try something local. My favorite dish is the crni rižoto. You'll notice this dish has a distinctive jet black color which comes from the sepia of the cuttlefish which is the main part of the recipe. It's creamy and rich and shouldn't be missed - be sure to heap plenty of parmesan on top and finish with olive oil.

Another local favorite is Gregada - a traditional fish stew made with white wine and potatoes. You really can't go wrong with whatever strikes your fancy on the menu.

Dobar Tek! ( enjoy your meal/ Bon appetit)

If you're in Stari Grad put it on your list.


Stari Grad, Croatia Bars

Cocktail bar Lampedusa, Stari Grad Riva 28, 214

Cocktail bar Lamapdusa Hvar

Lampedusa Stari Grad

This cocktail bar is the best in town. Stari Grad is a very small town with a lot of great little spots.

Lampedusa sits right on the Riva overlooking the marina. You can’t go wrong with any of the cocktails on the menu. They have all been created and crafted with love. My favorites include the fig negroni and whiskey sour.

Great spot to watch the sunset.

Bring cash as they don’t take cards.

Tramonto bar - Best sunset views in Stari Grad

Tramonto Bar Hvar

You'll find this adorable spot if you keep going down the path once the Riva ends -- keep following the paved path until you see this spot. You can get the best views of the sunsets here and relax as you watch the boats come in and out of town. Grab a beer or a gemicht - don't try for anything fancy at this spot.

One downside -- the music. It's horrible and loud. One issue we've found here is the music. As musicians and music lovers it's quite difficult to ignore the music that is played in the restaurants and bars. 1/3 of the spots just play radio Dalmatia which is an eclectic mix of bad american hits and croatian music. 1/3 of the spots play english language songs I have never heard in my life that are quite awful, and the other 1/3 play lounge versions of American songs. All in all it's a lot. You'll often see me pulling my bose micro out and playing my own spotify mix whenever possible.


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