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  • Stacey Shevlin

On The Unpredictable Weather In Budapest

In a word, the weather in Budapest is Unpredictable. I don’t leave the apartment without an umbrella. If you look at the weather forecast for a give 2 day period, it will change multiple times within that time period. You may even look at the weather, as I am now, which says partly cloudy all day, no rain in the forecast, then be presently surprised but an utter downpour.

Coming from Los Angeles where the weather is 90% of the time right – sunny and in the 70’s, with no rain, ever, it’s actually quite nice to see the elements. I am always worried that rain will ruin my good times, but that’s really not the case here. It rains but then the clouds part and the sky clears and it’s a new day. The rain comes on hard and swift, bringing with it that amazingly fresh smell and crispness – washing away the dirt and grime of the city.  It also leaves behind wonderful, colorful skyscapes and cloud formations – wonderful for photo taking.

So I say don’t worry about the rain, just make sure you have an umbrella and enjoy it.


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