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  • Stacey Shevlin

On the Way to Loving London

On the way to Loving London

I’d like to share with you just a few Thoughts About London. I was in London back in college and I did NOT Love it. I was young and inexperienced, broke and vegetarian. All of these things posed serious bars to entry for me at the time. I returned in October of this year for a few weeks, as Dave was called upon by his client to have some meetings at the office there.

We just recently went back for the same reason in June. I have to say the older, wiser, less broke, all foods eating me really liked it much more than I did previously. I feel like I’m on the way to Loving London

Spend some time in Vauxhall

In October we stayed at the company flat in Vauxhall. I loved the area. It’s on the rise, and there are a few cute bars and a few good restaurants. There are not a lot of tourists and not a lot of hustle bustle. Though I didn’t visit any, the area is known for its gay bars and nightclubs. It’s on the south side of the river, across from Pimlico.

Not many people visit Pimlico either, but that area is a little gem of a neighborhood. Great thrift shops, great restaurants, wide streets for meandering down.

I walked the city for two weeks and I got a really good feel for the different neighborhoods. Of course, I also took the underground when I had a clock to punch.

I fell in Love with the Borough Market – with its culinary delights at affordable prices – which is saying a lot for London.

London is hella expensive but most people know that. The number amounts on things are very similar to what you see in Los Angeles, but then multiply by 1.5 and feel the pain. London is fairly clean and orderly for a large city, it’s easy to get around, and easy to find anything you may need. It’s full of proper pubs, and cocktail bars. You can grab a great falafel or sit and spend the night eating tapas at the local Spanish restaurant. There is really something for everyone.

Wander and look at the variety in architecture

The architecture is one of my favorite aspects of London. In general, I prefer an old structure, of which there are plenty in the city. But London has an interesting way of mixing new things in with the old. Wherever you look you’ll see a shiny window clad building, sitting right next to an old church, with its stone facade and gothic arched entryways. It’s really an interesting quality the city has.

Though I couldn’t see myself living in London, due to the size of the city and the expense, I can definitely see myself going back from time to time.


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