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  • Stacey Shevlin

Pokonji dol Beach Hvar

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Plan a Visit to Pokonji dol Beach – Hvar

If you find yourself venturing out of Hvar Town in search of more beaches, by all means, wander down to Pokonji Dol Beach. You take the road heading east, by foot or by car and in about 2km you will find this wonderful beach and this restaurant.

We found the beach a slightly different way. We walked to the top of the hill in town and found a sign, which we followed. When we crested the hill the photo above captures what we saw!

If you walk all the way around the bay, past both restaurants, there is a path which will lead you out to some good spots to set up camp. With a good view of the island and lighthouse. Perfect for diving in!

Spend the day at the beach, and if you get hungry or thirsty you have 2 restaurant options right there. If you are heading out in the offseason, make sure to pack a picnic.

 Enjoy the water!

Pokonji dol Beach

Pokonji dol Beach Lighthouse

Pokonji dol Beach
Pokonji dol Beach


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