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  • Stacey Shevlin

Pravda Beer Theatre – Lviv Ukraine

Pravda Bar Lviv

What a fun place to find on day 1 in Lviv. We are staying right around the corner from Pravda Beer Theater. It’s a true complex.  A Brewery, bottle shop, restaurant, bar, and live music venue! Thus you will find a post in every category on the site. The orchestra plays every night except for Monday, and they are really really great. I believe you have to get there very early to get a table on the upper floors, but we walked in and grabbed spots at the bar, below the band with no problem.

The following excerpt is taken from the Pravda website you can view more HERE

A restaurant with an orchestra – that’s crazy! And this orchestra gathers a full restaurant every evening?! Please, meet the PRAVDA-Orchestra. “Live music” in restaurants is usually associated with just a guitar and a piano.
We’ve decided to make a true restaurant orchestra! We first played in “Lviv Coffee Mining Manufacture” in November 2015, modifying the songs to first the orchestra sound. Everyone liked the cast , and we started performing in “Pravda”. Our peculiarity is that our orchestra plays cover versions.

The orchestra doesn’t stick to one style of music. They play AC/DC, Metallica, Frank Sinatra, Adele, Maroon 5, and popular film soundtracks. The orchestra also performs Ukrainian music: “Ocean Elzy”, “Braty Hadyukiny”, “Skryabin”… Performing popular songs that the audience will sing along with, and call for an encore.

Definitely stop in here, right on Rynok Square.

Pravda Bar Lviv
Pravda Bar Lviv


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