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  • Stacey Shevlin

Stari Grad Shopping Guide

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Stari Grad Shopping Guide

Shopping is not how I like to spend my time… but if you are going to stay somewhere for more than a week it’s a necessary evil.

I love to cook, so finding the grocery store is usually my first order of business. Even with a short stay, I like to get eggs, bread and fruit for our apartment.


The local market is called Tommy at Put kardinala Alojzija Stepinca 6P, 21460 it’s right off of the park at the start of town. You can get most of your essentials there.  If you are facing the bay, there is a butcher shop to get quality meat on the left side of the bay right on the water.


There is a great green market, pictured above, at the very start of town by the bay. It’s open every day, and all of the merchants have ample product, so you don’t have to get there early in the morning to get the good produce. Tip: On the far right side you'll see a smaller stand there is a hand made sign with the letters OPG -- if these merchants are there go to them, they are local people with land outside of town, the larger stands sell imported produce.


In the area of the market, there is also a fish market. The fish market is only available very early in the morning at around 6 am – but if you can get up… you can get the fishies. You can also keep an eye at the end of the bay, a lot of the fishermen just row into town and sell their fresh catch right of off their boats.


My favorite place to get fresh bread is right across from the green market. You can't miss it. They keep morning hours and close at 1 pm. Get there early for the best variety. If you are food conscious like I am ask for Bez Aditiva options this means without preservatives. There are also several bakeries for fresh bread along the main path (the Riva) on the water on the town side of the bay. These bakeries also sell Borek which is a local pastry. They are basically a filo dough shell filled with either sweet or savory elements. They are great to grab and go, but I wouldn’t exactly call them healthy.


If you are looking for specialty items there is only one place you need to visit – Za Pod Zub at Ul. Srinjo Kola 11, 21460. If you follow the Riva (the promenade) by the bay on the left side you’ll see a sign for the shop after about 3/4 minutes. You’ll turn left into the town and the shop will be a few blocks down on your left.

This shop is truly amazing! It’s the only place you need to hit for wonderful Croatian products. The owners Chloe and Yvan source only the best items from all over Croatia. They stock several gourmet cheeses and meats, coffee, ice creams, truffles, pasta, chocolate bars, beer and wine … just to name some of their offerings. Read more about the shop HERE

DRUG STORE - Ljekarna

There is a drug store ( or in croatian Ljekarna) on the right side of the bay if you are standing at the start of town at Obala hrvatskih branitelja, 21460. Tommy is on your right, walk past it and around the bay and you’ll hit the drug store, keep your eyes open it’s quite incognito. They sell standard medicines, you’ll speak with the pharmacist and they’ll lead you in the right direction. This is also where you’ll get your contact lens solution. They also keep odd hours they close for Siesta in the afternoon. 8am-2pm  then again 4pm- 8pm.


Directly above the drug store, there is a local doctor. The hours are posted on the door, these hours change so it will require a trip over to see if someone is in. From what I have heard, tourists tend to go to Jelsa, the adjacent town to the hospital for larger issues. You can easily grab a cab from Stari Grad, and the trip is about 10 minutes or so.


During the season the entire bay side square turns into an odds and ends market. If you need beach towels, hats, aqua socks, sunglasses, sunscreen this your spot. You can grab anything you need for your outdoor excursions to the pool or the beach.

I’ll keep updating this as we discover more about our new town!


At Ul. Srinjo Kola 27P, 21460, Stari Grad find Hag Made - natural cosmetics.

If you are in the market for natural soap, hair products, lip balms or mosquito repellent ( sometimes necessary on the island) this is a great spot to visit.

Read more about the shop HERE



Head down the riva with the boats to your right hand side. You'll find an open square referenced in the google link above. Head left through the square and take the 1st small alley on your right then you'll find Justina's lovely little shop on your right hand side. Justina is a part time island resident and her art is crafted from recycled and upcycled local items.

You'll find jewelry, glasses, purses, paintings and her signature fish made from local palm fronds. Well worth a stop in if just to peruse her work.


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