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  • Stacey Shevlin

Yurashky Gingerbread Workshop Lviv


Yurashky Gingerbread Lviv

Edible works of art. Lviv is a city of all art forms – even gingerbread making and decorating.

While on our travels for the day, we spotted this shop. We popped in and did some browsing – We didn’t actually sample the cookies but it sure did smell great in there.

It’s a great spot for souvenir purchasing, as they have cookies shaped and decorated in a myriad of ways, you’ll surely find one for anyone on your list… just don’t eat it before you gift it!

You can even decorate your own cookies, so you can personalize them in any way you like. Or if you aren’t in a decorating mood, you can watch the skilled artisans behind the counter get to work. Definitely worth a quick walk through to check it out.

To visit their website click HERE. You’ll need to put it through google translate, as the English version doesn't work.

Yurashky Gingerbread Lviv
Yurashky Gingerbread Lviv
Yurashky Gingerbread Lviv


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