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  • Stacey Shevlin

Ilirio's 3 Caves Tour Hvar

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Ilirios 3 Caves Tour Hvar

Take Ilirio's 3 Caves Tour!

Wow. We had a truly amazing day on Ilirios 3 Caves Tour. It was one of the highlights of my entire time in Croatia.  I had, of course, read about the green and blue caves here in Hvar when I did my research on the area.  I did some further digging as to which tour we should take to see them.

I read a bunch of smaller blogs, and I read reviews on tripadvisor. I wound up going with

I am so glad I did. The day was so amazing and memorable. They’ll tell you on their site that the tour is much more than a stop at the 3 caves, and they aren’t joking. We did go to the famous Green Cave, Blue Cave and Monk Seal Caves, but we also made many more stops on our journey.

A Bumpy Ride

I had never been on a boat quite like this before. You sit on the seat like you are on horseback.  All of the passengers lined up in a row down the center of the small boat – with the captain up front. Let me tell you this boat goes seriously fast, and the ride is seriously bumpy. If you have any type of back or joint issues I would consider these things before you decide to book the tour.

Our captain and guide Damir was a wonderful host. He answered all of our questions, provided us with tons of information about the history of the area, local flora and fauna, and he was really fun to spend the day with.

Lunch and Secret Cave Included

We had lunch on the island below, it was a great traditional meal of grilled meats and vegetables. We had 2 hours of free time to wander or swim as we pleased. We also stopped in several other spots to swim throughout the day.

Damir also took us to a few secret locations.  One was a small hidden cave that we swam under a rock face to get to. Truly special.

I can’t recommend taking this full day tour while you are on Hvar more highly. The natural beauty of the sea and rock cliffs can only be seen from aboard a boat, it’s worth every penny.

You can read more about the tour on their website HERE

Read some reviews on TripAdvisor HERE

Ilirios 3 Caves Tour Hvar
Ilirios 3 Caves Tour Hvar
Ilirios 3 Caves Tour Hvar
Ilirios Three Caves Tour - Inside the Blue Cave

Ilirios Three Caves Tour – Inside the Blue Cave

Ilirios 3 Caves Tour Hvar
Ilirios 3 Caves Tour Hvar

Ilirios 3 Caves Tour Hvar – Lunch Stop

Ilirios 3 Caves Tour Hvar


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