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  • Stacey Shevlin

Must Visit Split Restaurants and Bars

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Must Visit Split Restaurants and Bars

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  1. Bokeria Kitchen And Wine – Fantastic Split Restaurant

  2. Makarun – Wonderful Pasta in Split

  3. Brasserie On 7 – Dining on the Riva

  4. Artichok – Favorite Split Restaurant


  1. Leopold’s Craft Beer – Beer bar Split

  2. Mali dućan-Matejuška – Craft Beer To Go


Bokeria Kitchen And Wine – Fantastic Split Restaurant

Split Restaurants and Bars

On our last night in Split, we stopped by the spot to see if there was room for us for dinner. We aren’t big on making reservations and sometimes that doesn’t work in our favor. When we arrived there was a line of 3 couples waiting at the door, our chances didn’t look good.

We decided to try anyway and low and behold there was one table outside available!

I didn’t have my camera with me, so no food photos this time, but it was really great.

We had the burger, which was seasoned perfectly. Served on a wonderful homemade bun, topped with fresh cucumber. What a treat. We also had the Gnudi pasta. A hearty dumpling filled with cheese, sitting atop a very rich thick tomato sauce. Wonderful.

We looked the restaurant up on trip advisor before going, and it had rave reviews, and let me tell you… they were all correct. Definitely have a meal here when you visit Split.

You can visit them on Facebook HERE

Makarun – Wonderful Pasta in Split

This was one of my favorite dinners in Croatia. The restaurant was recommended to us by the hotel we stayed at. We thought sure why not.

You cannot miss it, there is a pink neon sign on the walkway outside the restaurant. When you enter, you walk down a corridor and pop out in a beautiful courtyard. It was busy the night we visited and the only seats available were inside. We decided it would be worth it, and I am so glad we stayed.

The food was wonderful. House-made pasta in a spicy tomato sauce. Croatia doesn’t have a lot of spicy food, so it’s a nice treat when you find something with a bit of kick to it. It’s the signature dish as it’s the namesake Makarun.

We also had the sea bass fillet, with sun-dried tomatoes and capers served over light creamy mashed potatoes.

We asked for a wine recommendation, and the owner directed us to the Tribus, it was wonderful. Earthy and funky, dry and weighty. Grab a bottle of this if you see it.

It was a great night. Since we sat inside and were the only table, we chatted with the owner throughout the meal. We learned that the name of the restaurant came about because for decades his family has been known for their handmade pasta.

I highly recommend a meal here if you are in Split. You can visit their website HERE to make a reservation

Brasserie On 7 – Dining on the Riva

As we walked the Riva in search of a spot for lunch and wifi, we came upon Brasserie On 7. I immediately like it. It looked super cozy and modern, great pillows and bright blue accents. We grabbed a seat under the umbrellas outside.

We both ordered salads, it was a warm day and it seemed perfect for a light lunch. Dave had the tuna salad served with a poached egg, crisp green beans, cherry tomatoes, caper berries, and green olives over a bed of greens. It was great.

I ordered the warm spinach salad with goat cheese and grilled chicken, that you see below. It was wonderful. The spinach wilted perfectly beneath the tender grilled chicken highlighted with the slight tang of the goat cheese.

We had a great lunch and got some work done, using their wifi, as we sat in the afternoon sun.

You can visit their website HERE

Artichok – Favorite Split Restaurant

Split Restaurants and Bars

This is my go-to spot in Split. I recommend it to anyone passing through. If you can only pick one spot, pick this one. Every time I go I am not disappointed. It’s traditional Croatian food with a creative and modern flair. The menu changes with the season which is amazing. They buy their produce from the local market depending on what is the best in stock at the moment. I’ve had such a wide range if dishes here and always been happy.

Split Restaurants and Bars

Above you see the artfully plated chicken consume soup.  A light clear broth with a richness of flavor that warms you from the inside out.  And below a scampi and cuttlefish pasta stew with a tomato and brandy broth. Simply amazing. They offer a large selection of premium Croatian wines to accompany everything on the menu.

Visit them on Facebook HERE

Hit the Bars

Leopold’s Craft Beer – Beer Bar Split

Split Restaurant and Bars

LOVE IT> This is probably my favorite spot in Split. Proper Dive Bar. As you can see in the photo above they have a big outdoor area to drink any number of local craft beers.

We sat inside because it was quite chilly the night we first visited Leopold’s.

If you walk past the outdoor seating, you’ll see a nondescript doorway on the left. That’s the entrance to the interior. It’s a perfect dive bar. The bartender was playing a mix of old punk tunes, there’s a painting of Mo & “Life Is Shit”, and the ceiling is covered with old records. The beer is good and cold, and you can just spend the night chilling in the warm dark bar.

The only thing that was a bit odd was that the music is really low in volume. We asked about it, and the bartender told us that’s the most frequently asked question. Apparently, they have a neighbor who enjoys silence a bit too much. There is a limiter on the sound system, and I think the limit is 3. This will definitely be my local next time I am in Split.

Split Restaurants and Bars
Split Restaurants and Bars

Mali dućan-Matejuška– Craft Beer To Go

Split Restaurants and Bars

If you are looking for good beer in Split, look no further. This little shop has a very large variety of bottled craft beer ready to take out. You can find it if you walk down the Riva along the water, past all of the restaurants under the umbrellas. Stick to the footpath, as it bends to the right, still along the water… keep your eyes open and on your right, you’ll spot this sign on the door. It’s a tiny shop full of beer – you’re welcome 🙂

Happy Beer Tasting.


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