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  • Stacey Shevlin

Amsterdam Shopping Guide

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

StoreFront Amsterdam

Shopping – The Necessary Evil

Shopping is not my favorite… but if you are going to stay somewhere for more than a week it’s a necessary evil.

I love to cook, so finding the grocery store is usually my first order of business, followed closely by the drug store. In an effort to keep our bags at the modest 20 Kilo mark, we are buying new shampoo and the like in each city.

Shopping for Groceries

There are Albert Heijn markets everywhere, it’s the local chain. They have pretty much anything you may need food wise. You will also find wine and beer, a small selection but good enough. Fresh bread, dairy, veggies, meat and dry goods abound. I was surprised they carried most everything I need.

There are also tons of smaller produce shops scattered throughout the city, and many larger farmers market. We are staying in the East, outside De Pijp, and the Albert Cuyp market is our local. It spans several blocks and has a huge variety of fresh veggies and fruits, cheeses and meats, even fresh seafood. It’s fun to walk around even if you aren’t looking for anything.

Shopping in Drug Stores

There are no lack of drug stores here in the city. The most affordable with the largest selection is Etos. They are everywhere and have everything a CVS or Walgreens would carry at very reasonable prices. There are many smaller independent shops as well, but of course, you’ll spend more and have less variety.

Shopping for Clothing And Accessories

As you can imagine, there are tons and tons of adorable boutiques all over Amsterdam. Before I left, I went on a last minute shopping spree because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find clothes I would like here. Wrong- I have had to stay out of the shops because I am already at my suitcase weight limit 🙂 – the one thing I will say though is the Dutch are actually the tallest people in the world, and I myself am 5 feet tall. So as you can imagine, pants and dresses here are made for the people here. No love for shorty in that department. So if you are short, pack pants.

Nail Salons

This one may seem odd to mention. But before I left the states I got my very first Gel Manicure. I love it!

My nails have never grown…. and now they are long! Unfortunately, that’s soon to end. There are salons here that do Gel nails if you can stand to be in them long enough to get your nails done. It seems that Acrylic nails are all the rage, because every salon does them, and no one has thought to get a fan or open a door.

The smell is unbearable. You feel like you are burning your entire airway after being in these places for 3 minutes.  I have checked 4 of them out, 4 with great yelp reviews. All with the same outcome. Perhaps there is a secret, but I have yet to find it.

If you are looking for something else, drop me a line, I may just know where to find it.


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