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  • Stacey Shevlin

Craft Beer Hamburg – Ratsherrn

Into Craft Beer? Find This Spot

Craft Beer Hamburg – Ratsherrn

Lagerstraße 30A, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

If you’re looking for a great selection of craft beer, hit this place up. It’s a bar and a bottle shop.

Wandering around in Hamburg on our 2-day trip, we decided it was time for a beer. Luckily we found some Craft Beer with the help of yelp as usual and found that Ratsherrn was nearby. Well, it was nearby but we went the strangest way to get there. Walking through some industrial areas looking left and right to find this place. By the time we did find it, it was like an oasis.

On the day of our visit there was actually a craft beer festival going on, but since we didn’t know in advance to buy tickets, we didn’t see the value in waiting in the hour-long line to get in. Luckily the beer store was still open. We wandered around taking in all of the interesting and varied brews.  We decided to grab a few and take off. Check it out if you are in town.

Ratsherrn craft beer
Ratsherrn craft beer

You can visit their Website HERE for more info.

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