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  • Stacey Shevlin

Co Vino Restaurant – Fine Food In Venice

Co Vino Restaurant Venice

Co Vino. Co vino. Co vino.  Let me sing it’s praises.

I found this restaurant on a blog and heard it was excellent. While wandering around the neighborhood we were staying in, getting lost on purpose in the tiny winding maze of Venice, we just happened to stumble upon it. What luck. The owner and chef were in there working away, and we popped in to ask if there was a chance at a reservation for the following day. We got lucky! Last reservation at the second seating 9:30 pm Sunday night. This was amazing news because the place only has 5 tables!

Sadly I have no photos of the food to share because we were so involved in the meal, I didn’t want to whip out the camera too often in this intimate atmosphere.

36 Euro tasting menu = happy times

Located at Calle del PestrinCastello, 3829a-382930122 – Venezia, on a tiny alley, tucked in very cozily.  The menu is 36 Euro for three courses at dinner.

App, Entree, and Dessert. Wine is extra, but very, very affordable, at around 5 Euro a glass. Every glass of wine we had from the Prosecco to the earthy white, full red, and robust rose were all wonderful.

The menu is very seafood-focused, as it should be, it’s Venice. There are a few meat options as well for you carnivores. The seafood is sourced locally, along with much of the produce and the meat, from neighboring communities. Everything was lovely. In a way traditional, but each dish had its own spin.


As an app I ordered fresh cut prosciutto and amazingly ripe melon with oven roasted fig and Dave ordered muscles served with rice and potato. The muscles were absolutely the most amazing and tender I have ever had. In fact, they have ruined me and my husband. Thinking back on all of the mediocre and bad muscles we’ve had in the past, and all of the time’s we won’t bother ordering them in the future – ruined.


For entrees, I ordered the bolognese. It was no ordinary bolognese. Large homemade pasta noodles tossed with meat sauce and topped with a béchamel and grated parmesan. The most hearty bolognese I have ever had.

Dave ordered the whole sea bream- served with anchovy and roasted garlic sauce. I am not an anchovy fan in general, but with the roasted garlic, it was out of this world.


For dessert, pictured above we had a wonderful Amaro. I was so full at this point, dessert didn’t seem an option, but they had a solution for this. On the dessert menu was a watermelon salad with mint and absinthe. Jackpot, light and refreshing. Delicious.

Dave had the dessert pictured below. Fresh lemon curd, topped with perfectly toasted marshmallow and accompanied by gram cookies.

The meal was truly memorable. Delicious, intimate – lovely.

 Highly recommended if you are in town make a reservation.

 You can visit their site HERE

 Happy Eating!

Co Vino
Co Vino Restaurant Venice
Co Vino


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